General Election turnout 2019: Highest number of votes ever in Chingford where Labour tried to unseat Iain Duncan Smith

Ewan Somerville
Ian Duncan Smith's seat of Chingford saw a record turnout: REUTERS

The London constituency of Chingford has seen the highest ever voter turnout as results continue to flood in for one of the most historic elections of recent history.

Almost three quarters (74.4 per cent) of constituents cast ballots in the north east London battleground seat, where Labour attempted to unseat former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith.

After 10 constituency results out of 650, the turnout across the country is 62.43 per cent, down 2.71 per cent.

But several constituencies have bucked the trend, with ​East Dunbartonshire - where Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson is fighting the Scottish National Party - seeing a turnout of 80.38 per cent.

Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat leader, is fighting to hold onto her East Dunbartonshire seat (AFP via Getty Images)

The seat, near Glasgow, is said to be “on a knife-edge”, amid Lib Dem fears that Ms Swinson could lose the seat which she won in 2017.

Turnout at the ultra-marginal seat of Canterbury in Kent, which Labour's Rosie Duffield won in 2017 by 187 votes, has also risen to 76.19 per cent, up from 72.77 per cent in 2017.

Many key battleground seats in London are also registering large engagement after several polling stations experienced queues around the block on polling day.

In the capital, where overall turnout was 70.2 per cent in 2017 - third highest in Britain - the latest turnouts show:

  • Cities of London and Westminster, being fought by Labour defector Chuka Umunna for the Lib Dems, saw a 67 per cent showing, at 42,855 votes

  • Richmond Park, where Tory Zac Goldsmith sits on a 40 vote majority, saw a turnout of 79 per cent on 65,292 votes

  • Battersea has recorded a 77.83 per cent; ​Putney’s turnout is registered at 77.4

  • Islington South and Finsbury seat, home to shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, at 68.1 per cent, based on 48,010 votes.

In Ilford South, the turnout was 63.1 per cent — lower than the 68 per cent seen in 2017.

Counts are underway across the country as volunteers scramble to build up a national picture of results before dawn.

A bombshell exit poll published at 10pm forecasts a crushing defeat for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, tipping the Tories for an 83 seat majority.