George Michael's cousin reveals star PAID Fadi Fawaz for his company: 'It was just business really'

George Michael’s cousin, Andros Georgiou, has sensationally alleged that the star’s boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, was paid by George for the company and that their relationship was entirely “business”.

Earlier this week a coroner ruled that George died from natural causes when he tragically passed away on Christmas day, with Andros claiming that the family haven’t heard from Fadi since George’s death.

Fadi is the one who found George’s body.

Speaking out, the singer’s cousin shared: “Fadi disappeared after George’s death. He was never a part of the family because he and George just had an arrangement.

“Fadi had a retainer of more than £10,000 a month, lived in his house and was supposed to be there when he wanted company, though last year he wasn’t so available.

“It was just business, really. But he was still the last person to see George alive, and if he had any respect for the family he would have got in touch.”

The cause of the star’s death was confirmed during the week.

Andros went on to explain that Fadi owed the grieving family answers, adding: “There are still real questions he needs to answer. Why did he sleep in his car on Christmas Eve? When did he go in the house?

“Why did he wait so long to call 999 when his lover was upstairs dying? Instead of explaining to George’s family, he is sitting in his £5million house in Regent’s Park. You would have thought he might have decided, ‘Out of respect, I’ll go somewhere else.’

“But he is still living there. Why?”

Andros also insisted to The Sun that Fadi will not be inheriting any of George’s huge estate, accusing the hairdresser of using George’s death to “promote himself”.

Fadi Fawaz has faced public scrutiny since George’s death.

After George’s cause of death was revealed last week, Fadi immediately took to Twitter to write: “F*CK YOU, the truth is out”, much to the disdain of George’s grieving fans.

It is thought that George’s funeral will take place later this month, and although exact details have been kept private a source has revealed that the star will be buried next to his beloved mother, Lesley.