Giant two-and-a-half foot lobster, 60, saved from the kitchen pot

This giant lobster has avoided being the catch of the day in a seafood restaurant - because he's so huge he'll be thrown back in the sea.

The monster two-and-a-half foot lobster, nicknamed 'Lobby' or 'Claws', was pulled from the sea near Lyme Regis, Dorset.

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But due to his huge size, and at the impressive age of 'at least 60', he will instead be looked after at a local aquarium before being returned to the ocean.

Lyme Regis Aquarium owner Max Gollop said 'Lobby' was rare because of his age, size, and abnormally large crushing claw.

He said: 'I haven't seen many that big. The crushing claw is especially big.

'Fishermen get paid for the weight when selling lobsters but over a certain limit that doesn't apply because the meat is too tough.

He will be returned to natural waters later this year.

Mr Gollop added: 'The kids are in awe of him.'