John Rhys-Davies on Question Time: Gimli actor slammed for banging hands on table and shouting 'oh woman' at Caroline Lucas

Lord of the Rings actor John Rhys-Davies has been slammed for banging his hands on the table and shouting “oh woman” at Caroline Lucas during BBC's Question Time.

Mr Rhys-Davies, who plays the dwarf Gimli in the trilogy, became exasperated at the Brighton MP during a debate on Thursday night on whether US President Donald Trump should be afforded a UK state visit.

“He’s elected head of state of a great democracy, the last best hope for man kind of course,” he said.

“He represents the American people.”

Ms Lucas interrupted: “He doesn’t, he lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes.”

Mr Rhys-Davies then became visibly agitated, repeatedly banged his hands on the table and shouted: “Oh woman! Have you never read Kenneth Arrow and the Arrows theorem? Any system of election has its problems.”

Ms Lucas replied that the American system has more problems than most.

Arrow's "impossibility" theorem states that no rank-order electoral system can be designed that always satisfies a specified set of three "fairness" criteria.

The clip of the exchange was shared on Twitter, with many people praising Ms Lucas’ calm response to the outburst.

Shahmir Sanni wrote: “Every woman has seen a man react like this when they are caught off guard by common sense. Yet they stay calm & resilient. @CarolineLucas is the reason I’m voting Green in the EU elections and the general election.”

James Felton posted: "'Oh woman have you not read Kenneth Harrow’ may be the stupidest sentence ever to follow someone slamming their fists [sic] on the table.”

Others called out Mr Rhys-Davies behaviour as “thuggish and sexist”.

Dr Lauren Gavaghan said: “John Rhys-Davies loses it & screeches “oh woman!” like a petulant child at a dignified & calm Caroline Lucas when faced with nothing but a simple fact.

“This is precisely why facts are so key in public debate these days. “

Femi Oluwole said: “Did anyone else feel genuinely worried for Caroline Lucas in this moment? John Rhys-Davies may sound posh, but that was thuggish behaviour by anyone's definition. (sexist too)”