Girl, 14, charged with using pineapple to attack allergic schoolmate

It’s not the most obvious of weapons, but a 14-year-old schoolgirl allegedly attacked a fellow student using PINEAPPLE, police have revealed.

The teenager has reportedly been charged after deliberately exposing a classmate to pineapple, triggering an allergic reaction.

During the attack at Butler Intermediate High School in Pennsylvania, the girl allegedly intentionally “high-fived” a 14-year-old classmate, who has a severe pineapple allergy, exposing her to the fruit.

<em>Allergic – the girl was given an epinephrine pen and taken to hospital (Pictures: Getty)</em>
Allergic – the girl was given an epinephrine pen and taken to hospital (Pictures: Getty)

The victim was apparently taken to the school’s nurse’s office, given an epinephrine pen and taken by ambulance to the Butler Memorial Hospital where she was treated then released the same day.

According to reports, Butler Township Police said a 14-year-old girl is facing several charges including aggravated assault, while a while a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old girl have been charged with conspiracy and other offences.

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Butler Area School District reportedly released a statement that said: “As with all student discipline issues, we are unable to provide a comment on the specific incident.

“However, it is our expectation that our students respect themselves and others. When that does not occur, the district will take appropriate disciplinary action and, if appropriate, contact law enforcement.”