Glastonbury Festival weather forecast as Met Office gives official verdict on thunderstorm rumours

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The Met Office has predicted that Glastonbury Festival goers will experience warm weather with a chance of some rain showers.

The festival, which is set to return to Worthy Farm from June 26 to 30, will be headlined by Dua Lipa, Coldplay, and SZA, this year. As always, there's been much speculation about the weather at Worthy Farm, including the possibility of thunder which showed on the forecast late last week.

However, the Met Office has confirmed that the festival will be mostly warm and sunny, with the chance of the occasional rain showers. Festival-goers can expect the gates to open at 8am on Wednesday (June 26), with the Met Office predicting sunny weather and temperatures peaking around 25 to 27 degrees.

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They have warned that while it's not impossible for a heavy shower to develop, it's more likely to remain dry. A cold front on Thursday (June 27) will bring cloudier and slightly breezier conditions, possibly accompanied by light rain in the afternoon. But temperatures are expected to peak at 21 degrees.

From Friday through to Sunday, the forecast suggests mainly dry days with sunny spells and light winds. There may be rain showers during the main part of the festival, but temperatures are expected to hover around 20 to 22 degrees, reports Somerset Live.

What's the official weather forecast for Glastonbury Festival?

A Met Office spokesperson, discussing the weather forecast for the Glastonbury Festival, stated: "With lots of attention on Somerset as Glastonbury kicks off, the weather is likely to be mostly warm, dry and settled. On Wednesday we're likely to see hotter temperatures of 25 C to 27 C in Somerset as the sunny weather continues and although it's not impossible a heavy shower could develop, it's more likely to remain dry.

"On Thursday as the cold front progresses south-eastwards, it will bring cloudier and slightly breezier conditions through the day and possibly some light rain in the afternoon. Friday through to Sunday are forecast to be dry days with sunny spells and light winds, although there is some uncertainty still and so the odd shower is possible. Temperatures throughout this period are to be around or slightly above average, with approximate maximum temperatures of 20 C to 22 C."

As for the opening of the Glastonbury Festival, this year's attendees can anticipate an exciting start. A drone show is slated to be a new addition, deviating from the traditional fireworks display that usually illuminates the sky around 11pm on Wednesday for early arrivals. The renowned hill by the Park Stage has always been the preferred spot for festival-goers to take in the spectacle.

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