Google’s Psychedelic ‘Deep Dream’ Images Are Coming To Your Smartphone

A new app will enable users to transform their smartphone photos into ‘intricate masterpieces using Google’s Deep Dream algorithm’.

Unveiled by Popular Science, Dreamify is the first mobile app to use Google’s Deep Dream software code to allow users to create bizarre new versions of their smartphone snaps.

Google’s mesmerising Deep Dream research project was created to help its engineers understand artificial neural networks. 

However, it soon gained fame after it was revealed that it creates extraordinary images from everyday snapshots.

The software ‘learns’ what objects are (such as dogs, trees and people) by sifting through thousands of photos.

But when applying its learnings when creating new pictures, it tends to get confused and creates bizarre, nightmarish images.

The new Dreamify app features a selection of 12 Instagram-style filters that can be applied for slightly different transformation styles, while the ‘dreamification’ process can also be controlled manually using four sliders.

The app uses remote Amazon servers, meaning that it can process smartphone images within seconds.

Dremify is due to launch on iOS and Android in August.

In future, the app will be updated to include high-definition photos and animated gifs.

(Image credit: Google)