'Grange Hill' star Lee 'Zammo' MacDonald turned up in 'EastEnders' and fans loved it

Amy West

After a 32-year-break from acting, Grange Hill’s Lee MacDonald - aka Zammo McGuire - turned up in a recent episode of EastEnders and fans couldn’t get enough.

Last night (6 June), eagle-eyed viewers spotted MacDonald playing a bus driver who bagged Spice Girl tickets after winning a radio competition.

After learning that “Terry from the depot” took home the prize, Danny Dyer’s bolshy pub landlord Mick Carter tried to buy the tickets off of him - but MacDonald’s character wasn’t having any of it.

BBC One has confirmed that MacDonald will only appear in two episodes of the long-running soap. But judging by how well his cameo went down, it seems safe to assume that fans are hoping he’ll become a more permanent fixture on the streets of Walford.

 Terry (LEE MACDONALD) - (BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes)
Terry (LEE MACDONALD) - (BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes)

“We need Terry back in #EastEnders @bbceastenders #Terry #Zammo #grangehill #love such a genius guest role,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another had even conjured a plan behind his return by the time the episode was over, saying: “Bring him back as a regular character, but let him be Zammo. It would be a great crossover.

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“Think of the stories he could tell, and his old mates can visit.. He can say he only used Tel as fake name to get Spice Girl tickets because he was embarrassed to use his real name.”

Some viewers seemed to take things a little too literally though, suggesting that Mick’s desperation to obtain the tickets from Terry was unnecessary.

Lee MacDonald (centre) played Samuel 'Zammo' McGuire in 'Grange Hill' between 1981 and 1987 (BBC/YouTube)
Lee MacDonald (centre) played Samuel 'Zammo' McGuire in 'Grange Hill' between 1981 and 1987 (BBC/YouTube)

"I just checked ebay there are loads of Spice Girls tickets for sale for Wembley,” one critic explained. “So pathetic storyline."

Another joked: "Mick just get yourself on FB, still hundreds of tickets for the Spice Girls on the selling pages, even for Sunderland tonight! Terry from the depot not the only one with the golden tickets."

MacDonald played Samuel ‘Zammo’ Maguire from 1982 to 1987. The beloved character was most notably involved in a hard-hitting storyline where he became addicted to heroin.

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At one point, he even overdosed in a secluded corner of an amusement arcade before getting help and going on to become drug-free.

EastEnders fans seemed to make reference to the aforementioned narrative, saying: “I know for a fact that when Mick offered Zammo that cash I wasn’t the person in the U.K. who said “Just Say No!”