Great British Bake Off 2023 quarter final: Who went home?

Paul Hollywood doled out a handshake for sausage rolls and a two-time Star Baker narrowly escaped being sent home.

Prue Leith, Noel Fielding, Alison Hammond, and Paul Hollywood - The Great British Bake Off 2023 (Channel 4)
The Great British Bake Off 2023 celebrated the quarter finals with Party Week. (Channel 4)

What did you miss?

The Great British Bake Off saw Cristy fail to make it to the semi-finals after her party buffet was too beige for the judges.

In the Party themed quarter finals two-time Star Baker Dan narrowly escaped being sent home after struggling in the first two rounds.

And judge Paul Hollywood doled out a handshake to one contestant for their version of his favourite food - sausage rolls.

What, how and why?

Cristy - The Great British Bake Off 2023. (Channel 4)
Cristy failed to make it through to the semi-finals of The Great British Bake Off 2023. (Channel 4)

Cristy was announced as the baker leaving the tent by a tearful Alison Hammond after Hollywood said her Willy Wonka themed buffet was "too rough and ready" and not colourful enough.

Hammond said: "I've got the horrible, horrible job of announcing who is leaving this week. The baker needs to know when you get to this stage you have done so, so well and we're really sad to see them go.

"Cristy, I'm so sorry."

The 33-year-old PA from East London said: "It's been such a crazy, fast-paced experience, and now I can sit back and reflect on what an amazing time I've had. I'm really proud of what I've done."

Judge Prue Leith said: "I'm so sorry to see Cristy go becasue she cares so much."

Cristy let herself down with her soggy bottomed sausage rolls in the Signature round.

Hollywood told her: "I quite like the flavour. The pastry is your weak link. It comes down to the baking."

Her Technical chocolate catterpillar cake was actual placed second.

But she failed to meet the criteria of the Showstopper round which was an 'Anything But Beige Party Buffet'.

Cristy's bakes all lost colour and shape in the oven.

Hollywood told her: "It's a bit rough and ready everything has got flaws. All your flavours are lovely. But when it comes to the visual effect it's fallen short."

Two-time Star Baker Dan came close to going home after a difficult first day in the tent.

Dan - The Great British Bake Off 2023. (Channel 4)
Dan had a difficult week in the quarter final. (Channel 4)

He raised eyebrows yet again for bringing Eastern flavours to a British classic in the Signature Round with his Chinese dumpling inspired sausage rolls.

Paul Hollywood told the civil engineering resource planner: "I do like sui mai, however sausage rolls are one of my all time favourite foods and then you blend them together. This better be good."

But Hollywood was disappointed with the unusual sausage roll.

He said: "I'm not keen on the flavour - not in a sausage roll."

Dan said: "I've taken a few risks, some pay off some don't."

The 42-year-old from Cheshire also came last in the Technical with his chocolate caterpillar cake.

Hollywood said: "It's very, very small. If you served that at some kid's party I think they'd be a bit disappointed. It's dry. Overmixed, over baked, either or both."

But Dan managed to save himself with his ambitious dinosaur themed party buffet with six different elements.

What else happened on The Great British Bake Off?

Matty - The Great British Bake Off 2023. (Channel 4)
Matty got a Hollywood handshake for his sausage rolls in the British Bake Off quarter finals. (Channel 4)

Matty got a Hollywood handshake in the Signature round for his pork, apple and chilli sausage rolls.

The professional baker judge had already revealed the pastry snacks are "one of my all time favourite foods", but was disappointed with the flavours and soggy pastry of the other contestants' efforts.

Hollywood told 28-year-old PE and science teacher Matty: "I love the colour, they're nice and crisp. Nice bit of kick there from the chilli."

Proffering his hand to shake he said: "Thank you for bringing me a sausage roll."

Matty was declared Star Baker following his sports themed colourful party buffet.

He said: "I was not expecting that. I've had a really good week with the handshake.

"I hope this gives me the confidence I needed knowing what I'm up against next week and maybe beyond."

Will we be back for more?

Nicky, Tasha, Abbi, Cristy, Josh, Amos, Rowan, Matty, Keith, Saku, Dana, Dan. The Great British Bake Off 2023 (Channel 4)
The Great British Bake Off contestants Tasha Josh, Matty and Dan are now the semi-finalists of 2023. (Channel 4)

Dan, 42, participation officer Tasha, 27, chemist Josh, 27 and PE teacher Matt, 28, are officially through to the semi-finals of the latest series of Bake Off.

In order to make it to the final round they will be tested in Patisserie Week.

The teaser trailer saw Matty complain: "It needs to look like it comes from a Parisian shop which is not easy", while Dan moaned: "I just want to go to the pub."

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