Greg Wise finds acting 'relaxing'

Greg Wise prefers relaxing acting to writing credit:Bang Showbiz
Greg Wise prefers relaxing acting to writing credit:Bang Showbiz

Greg Wise finds being an actor “relaxing”.

The ‘Sense and Sensibility’ star is currently writing a book about grief following the death of his sister Clare two years ago, but he admitted he is “desperate” to be offered an acting role as it is a much less stressful thing to do.

He told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I find it relaxing, working as an actor.

“Someone drives you to the set in the morning and you’re told what to say.

“At the moment, I’m sitting at a desk, having to write my own dialogue.

“For the first time ever, I’m desperate for my agent to call with an acting part. I’ll say yes before I hear what it is.”

In 2021, the 57-year-old star took part in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, making it to week four with partner Karen Hauer, and Greg – who is married to Dame Emma Thompson – joked he was simply “playing the role” of someone who “thought” they could dance.

Asked if he still dances, he quipped: “I never danced.

“I was playing the role of someone who thought he could dance. I should probably have watched it before I said yes.”

Meanwhile, Greg has called for people to speak more about death and grief, and thinks they are topics that should be explored in depth in schools.

He said: “Until we have a proper relationship with end of life and death, we don’t live properly.

“I was able to go to a very dark place with my sister on her journey to death and I’m a better person for it.

“I know I’m capable of getting through something like that. I’m more grateful for life in general, I’m more compassionate, kinder and more empathetic.

“I want school to teach about death as much as they teach about birth, because kids are fantastically open to talking about death.

“But we have to teach ourselves to have a relationship with death and grief before we can pass it on.”