Gregg Wallace was warned he would have heart attack if he didn't lose weight

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Gregg Wallace, one of the judges of the contest, at the inaugural Birds Eye Fish Finger Sandwich Awards, at Tramshed in London.
Gregg Wallace (PA)

Gregg Wallace has revealed that he was warned he was on his way to a heart attack before he lost weight.

The MasterChef star is thought to have shed four stone after adopting a healthier lifestyle, and in October 2019 wowed fans when he showed off his new slimline look with a topless photo on Instagram.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he shared that he dropped the pounds after receiving a stark warning from his doctor.

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“The doctor said you have huge cholesterol here, unless you do something you're going to have a heart attack,” he said.

“So I started to take a real interest.”

Exclaiming as before and after images of him appeared on the screen, Wallace admitted when he looked at the pictures he still found it hard to believe.

Last year the 56-year-old revealed one of the reasons he lost weight was because he didn’t want his younger wife to have a “fat old husband”.

The presenter tied the knot with his fourth wife Anne-Marie Sterpini, 35, in 2016 and they welcomed a son together in 2019.

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Wallace previously told Closer magazine: "Having my baby boy made me want to be fit and strong. I can now go for long walks, which I wouldn't have been able to do before.

“Anne being younger than me was even more of an inspiration to be fit – you can have an old husband but she didn't have to have a fat, old husband.”

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