Group damage Great Wall of China by lighting a fire to cook up a meal

A section of the Great Wall of China has been left damaged after a group of visitors decided to light a fire to cook a meal on the world heritage site.

A member of the group reportedly used bricks to build a stove, before lighting a fire then pulling out a pot to cook some details for him and his pals.

The incident is said to have taken place at the Panlong Mountain section of the wall, leaving it charred and damaged.

Volunteers who patrol the wall to protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site said they found the charred spot on a routine walkthrough. Others have also reportedly been sent pictures of the group cooking a feast.

<em>Damaged – the fire reportedly left part of the Great Wall charred and damaged (Pictures: Getty)</em>
Damaged – the fire reportedly left part of the Great Wall charred and damaged (Pictures: Getty)

A manager of the section, Mr Li, said: “We asked them to follow us down the mountain, but they were uncooperative and refused to show us their identity cards. At the end they just left and we could not stop them.”

The fire was put out immediately after being spotted and now it is believed police are looking for the perpetrators.


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In China, commit acts that destroy or endanger cultural relic sites can lead to a warning of a 200 yuan fine, with serious cases risking five to ten days detention and larger fines.

The Great Wall of China attracts some 10 million visitors every year, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions.