Santa to the rescue - Father Christmas helps pedestrian after tumble on icy pavement

When a poor pedestrian became the latest victim of the snow that blanketed the country at the weekend, little did they know who would come to the rescue.

The woman took a tumble on an icy pavement, dropping her shopping and no doubt hurting herself.

But as she struggled to get up, a passing car screeched to a halt and out hopped Santa himself.

The whole event was caught on camera by a fellow motorist who has now shared the rescue by the man in red.

Heroic rescue – When a pedestrian took a tumble on the ice, Santa himself hopped out of a car to rescue her (Pictures: Jukin Media)

The footage shows the woman slip on the ice, landing flat on her back. Just seconds later, a passing car screeches to a halt just a few feet beyond the woman Santa hops out, leaving the car in the middle of the road and rushing to her rescue.


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He helps the pedestrian up then scrambles to pick up her spilled shopping, refilling her bag with its lost items and even helping put her hat back on.

Surprise – Santa even helped the woman collect up her shopping and put her hat back on 

The clip ends as the person filming drives off, leaving Santa to finish helping his damsel in distress before going on his way.