Group of Deer Rescued From Lagoon in New Jersey

A number of deer were rescued from a lagoon in Forked River, New Jersey, on December 9.

Located in the Lacey Township, in Ocean County, New Jersey, footage shot by local woman Nancy Skrobola shows nine deer in the water at one point, with a number later seen heading for the shore.

She told Storyful that she called 911, with local media reporting that “deer often make their way to the lagoons this time of year”.

A Facebook post from the Lacey Township Police Department said that, in total, 12 deer had been reported in the lagoon on this date.

The post went on to say that eight deer were “corralled in the water” by a Lacey Township Underwater Rescue boat, and “guided toward an area of wooded marsh” before they “safely exited the water without further incident.”

Additionally, four deer that had separated from the group “were in need of physical removal from the cold waters,” police said. The deer were rescued and relocated to a “nearby wooded area.” Credit: Nancy Skrobola via Storyful

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