Guess What? Meryl Streep Loves Come Dine With Me

Meryl Streep may be an Oscar winning movie actress but that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate a bit of classic British daytime TV.



The megastar, who appears on tonight’s Graham Norton Show, reveals her love of Come Dine With Me and Homes Under the Hammer.

She tells Graham: “I’m addicted to everything where they do real estate. I love Grand Designs and Homes Under the Hammer. Also Come Dine With Me is fabulous.”

Meryl is in the UK promoting her new movie Florence Foster Jenkins which is the true story of an heiress who dreamed of being a famous opera singer - without having a clue that she couldn’t sing - which also stars Hugh Grant.


Speaking about acting alongside Hugh, Meryl revealed that she previously considered herself too old to work with him.

She says: “I thought I was too old, but then he got older!”

Hugh reveals that the prospect of working with Meryl filled him with fear. He says: “ I’ve never felt such fear. I had a whole year to dread actually having to do emotional scenes with Meryl Streep. So I did enormous amounts of preparation, which was all probably utterly useless.”


Meryl also spoke about the experience of playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady in 2011, saying: “ I went out on to the street as her and it was fantastic – no one recognised or noticed me. I was a little old lady and invisible in a way. I thought it was great at first and then I thought it was awful.”