Guests ‘ignoring safety advice at Tenerife hotel’ in coronavirus lock down

Ben Morgan

A mother quarantined with more than 160 other Britons in a Tenerife hotel today told of “horrifying” conditions — with some guests ignoring safety advice and mingling at the buffet without face masks.

Selina Lund, 47, her husband Ashley, 48, and their children Sam, 16, and Violet, 12, are among around 1,000 holidaymakers now confined to the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel.

The four-star hotel has been in lockdown, with its doors padlocked, since the weekend when an Italian doctor tested positive for coronavirus.

Guests now face being held for up to 14 days, but some have complained that staying put places them at greater risk.

They have been allowed out of their rooms and photographs emerged today of people sitting around the pool on sunbeds.

Mrs Lund raised concerns about how people could be unwittingly spreading the virus.

Tourists with masks by the pool of H10 Costa Adeje Palace, which is on lockdown (REUTERS)

She said: “The dining room was heaving. We were waiting to collect plates for the buffet and saw lots of people without masks.

“People were sitting eating without them on and everyone was falling over themselves to get food off the buffet. I was horrified. There was an elderly woman there probably in her eighties with her mask pulled down and she was coughing.

“The hotel staff need to segregate those who were at the hotel over the weekend. I would prefer if everyone was confined to their rooms.

“We didn’t arrive until Tuesday and had no contact with anyone until we got here. They need to treat each case differently.”

The family from Yorkshire were moved to the Adeje Palace on Tuesday after their flight home was grounded. They are now having food delivered to their rooms.

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