H&M hoodie row: Family of boy who modelled 'coolest monkey in the jungle' jumper forced to move house in Sweden for 'security reasons'

Ella Wills

A five-year-old H&M model at the centre of a race row has been forced to move house in Sweden with his family "for security reasons", his mother said.

Terry Mango, who previously spoke out against people's outrage at the brand, told the BBC she and her family had vacated their home in Stockholm in the wake of global protests against the retailer.

The Swedish fashion giant faced an onslaught of criticism after it published an image of a young, black model named Liam wearing wearing a top with the slogan "coolest monkey in the jungle".

The retailer apologised for the incident and said it had removed the picture from its website, and that the hoodie was no longer available to buy.

Backlash: The controversial advert

But activists in South Africa vandalised H&M stores over the weekend in protest, while celebrities including The Weeknd have cut ties with the company amid the backlash.

Mrs Mango said the attacks on the stores were among reasons for the family's relocation, it was reported.

Video footage posted on Saturday showed protestors tearing down stands, shoving mannequins and throwing clothing around a store in Pretoria.

Police resorted to using rubber bullets on protests as the violence reportedly spread to at least six shopping centres.

Terry Mango spoke out against people's outrage over the advert

Despite the furious response to the advert, Mrs Mango and Frank Odhiambo, Liam's father, have maintained that they do not believe the hoodie was an act of racism.

Speaking to This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on Tuesday, the pair said they they "do not put the item of clothing and the 'monkey' with racism" and were not expecting the "furore" that followed.

Mrs Mango had previously told critics to "get over it" in a post on social media that has since been deleted.

But her response to the incident angered many, and Mrs Mango told the BBC that she is viewed as "an embarrassment" to black and African-American people for defending the brand.

Despite the backlash, Liam Mango reportedly has "no idea" about the media storm.