Hakuna Matata! Lion becomes real life Scar after vicious fight

He’s a dead ringer for the Disney villain (Picture: Caters)

All Disney fans will recognise Scar from The Lion King – the iconic villain who killed Mufasa before striding around with a near-permanent look of surprise and bewilderment on his face.

But the nefarious Disney character now seemingly has his own real-life counterpart, after this lion was spotted at a country park in Kenya.

After losing his eyelid in a territorial battle with his brothers, he has been left with a scarred eye that gives him a certain resemblance to The Lion King’s chief bad guy.

The Lion King’s Scar (Picture: Disney/Caters)
Hakuna Matata! (Picture: Caters)

The resemblance extends even further than that, however, with his shaggy mane, blood-stained beard and bewildered facial expression effortlessly turning him into the real life equivalent of Scar.

The pictures were taken by 50-year-old photographer Prelena Soma Owen in the Kenyan Masai Mara.

Prelena said: ‘€œIt was the first day of my Masai Mara trip. Being a passionate photographer I convinced my guide to leave early so I could catch some golden light. Within five minutes of heading off we saw a distant silhouette and he shouted, €˜I don’€™t believe it. It’s Scar!’


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It hasn’t been revealed whether he’s ever killed his brother and tricked his nephew into visiting the dark depths of an elephant graveyard, but we certainly wouldn’t put it past him.

Either way, it’s the stuff of Disney dreams. Hakuna Matata!

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