Half of Brits think UK did the most to defeat Hitler - but other countries disagree

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Half of Brits believe the UK was primarily responsible to win the fight against Adolf Hitler (Rex)

Half of Briton’s believe that the UK did more than other country to beat Hitler, a survey has found.

Exactly 50% of people questioned in the YouGov poll think that Britain did more to topple the Nazis during the Second World War.

Just 13% say the Russians did the most, while even less (9%) think the Americans are the ones to credit for bringing down Hitler.

Only Britain thinks it did the most to topple the Nazis (YouGov)

However, other countries take a different point of view.

Some 65% of France and 34% of Germany believe it was the United States that were the most important nation in the fight against Hitler – while 47% of Americans voted for themselves.

Each three nations give a lot less credit to Britain – 7% of Germans, 9% of Americans and 11% of French said Britain did the most.


The survey was taken after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was criticised for comparing Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler.

The Russian ambassador to Britain responded by claiming that it was Russia who defeated the Nazis.