IKEA fans who travelled 100 miles are turned away after new store gets opening date wrong

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Angry IKEA fans travelled 100 miles only to find the new store had not opened (Rex/stock photo)

Fans of IKEA hoping to pick up some flat-pack furniture from a brand new store were furious after discovering the date of the store opening was wrong.

The Exeter store had an announced opening date of Tuesday 1 May and shoppers had travelled distances of up to 100 miles for the event.

IKEA had announced the opening of the store for May 1 (IKEA)

However, they were turned away at the doors by staff who were still planning for the opening – that had been delayed by 10 days to Thursday 10 May.

Google listings and a page on IKEA’s own website still had the original opening date, according to DevonLive.


Fans of the Swedish furniture giant took to Twitter to vent their fury:

IKEA said the hold-up was down to snowy weather that hit the area when the Beast from the East struck the UK.

Train station waiting rooms in Exeter have undergone makeovers using furniture from the new branch this week in anticipation of the grand opening.