Can you answer the hardest 1% Club questions?

The ITV game show often leaves contestants and viewers stumped, but can you figure out the right answer?

Lee Mack hosts ITV's The 1% Club. (ITV)
Lee Mack hosts ITV's The 1% Club. (ITV)

The 1% Club often leaves viewers baffled with its questions. The popular ITV gameshow, hosted by Lee Mack, is not based on general knowledge, but styled like an IQ test, with questions that require logic and common sense to realise the correct answer. Each episode 100 contestants compete to win a jackpot prize of £100,000 with the final answer being so tricky it would only be known by one per cent of the general public.

Most recently a question on the multiple choice quiz show wiped out a third of contestants in just one round. Host Mack admitted even he was surprised just how many people got it wrong. And it is not the first time that a tough question on The 1% Club has left many scratching their heads and branding questions “the hardest ever” or just “impossible”. Even Mack has confessed to being completely stumped sometimes.

Can you answer ten of the hardest questions from The 1% Club? Take our test below to find out how smart you are.