Harry Styles Reveals Gender of Fan's Unborn Child at Los Angeles Show

Harry Styles revealed the gender of an audience member’s unborn child at his concert in Los Angeles, California, on Friday, November 11.

Video shared on TikTok by @coastalcherryco shows the popstar holding a sealed envelope passed to by a crowd member he refers to as “Sydney”.

“She’s about to do the single hardest thing in the world that there is to do,” Styles said before announcing that she was expecting a baby girl. Credit: @coastalcherryco via Storyful

Video transcript

HARRY STYLES: Make some noise for Sydney everyone. She's about to do the single hardest thing in the world there is to do. I'm sure it's going to be fine. The most beautiful thing there is to do in the world.

And It's going to be-- you ready? Are you sure you want me to do this? Are you positive? OK. Los Angeles, this is a Friday night you will never forget. Here we go. Can I please get some tense gender reveal music please.


HARRY STYLES: I know something you don't know. OK. What do you want it to be? OK, here we go. This is very nice. Something for the fourth album perhaps. Can I get a ooh.

- Ooh.


- Ooh.

HARRY STYLES: Now this side go. Here we go.

- Ooh.

HARRY STYLES: This is called edging, for those who [INAUDIBLE]. Sorry Jim. [INAUDIBLE] enough. It's a girl!

- Woo!

HARRY STYLES: [INAUDIBLE]. That's it. Now that's-- I'm going to hand this back down there. It's going to go back to Sydney. Make some noise for Sydney.

- Woo!

HARRY STYLES: Unbelievable results. Unbelievable results. Now we digress.