Has one fan figured out how The Walking Dead will end?

Don’t worry Walking Dead fans… the show is not going anywhere for a long time if its creators are to be believed. It’s looking like it will run to at least 12 seasons as long as its rating don’t keep dropping in the same way that they have this season. But in the meantime, where’s the harm in speculating how the show will end when we do eventually get there?

One fan, YouTuber MOVIEidol, thinks he’s figured out pretty much exactly what the final scene of the show will be. Obviously if you don’t want to know what could be potential spoilers, it’s time to pack your bags and read something else. Fare thee well fellow traveller.

Still here? Good. Well MOVIEidol reckons that the last thing we’re going to see on the show or in the comics (or both) is a cut to Carl 40 or 50 years in the future and the scene will reveal that the whole show has basically been Carl as an old man telling his companions (maybe his grandkids?) the story of his father Rick during the zombie apocalypse.

It’s a great theory and MOVIEidol offers some reasonable evidence to back up his claim. I’ll leave you to watch the video below if you want to see what he has come up with. But what is even better than the evidence he provides, is the images MOVIEidol has procured to illustrate his video. Best of all is the creation of MJ. Hiblen, a piece of concept art featuring Carl as an old man standing on a pile of skulls.

The picture imagines Carl as perhaps a sole survivor, sporting the cowboy hat and gun of his father, Negan’s baseball bat Lucille in his hand, and Michonne’s katana sword slung across his back. It’s a very powerful piece of work in itself, and it’s easy to imagine how great an ending it would be to see Carl has survived and grown stronger despite the deaths of all those that he loved, as well as outliving his greatest enemies.

If we can be pretty sure that the show will end with Rick’s death, as creator Robert Kirkman has always made clear that this is Rick’s story, then this would be the perfect way to round off the sadness of Rick’s passing. To know that Carl lives a long life even after his heroic father dies would surely be the icing on every fan’s cake wouldn’t it?

Or do you disagree? How would you like The Walking Dead to end?

Watch the video here:

Source: We Got This Covered

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