Heatwave warning as UK could see three months of record-breaking heat

A woman shades herself with an umbrella
A woman shades herself with an umbrella -Credit:PA

Britain could experience record-breaking temperatures for three consecutive months, though predictions about rainfall are uncertain. As we move closer to summer, meteorologists are optimistic about the rise in temperatures.

It follows a relatively wet season last year counterbalanced by an extreme heatwave in July 2022. Now, there are concerns that this summer may surpass last year's record heats.

The Met Office is predicting a higher likelihood of hot spikes over cooler weather. And that would mean lots of heat in the upcoming three months up until August.

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According to Nick Finnis from Netweather: "In summary, for all three summer months, there is a unanimous signal from all models for above average temperatures in most of the UK over June, July and August. The rainfall signal is more mixed and less clear, with generally no signal for wetter or drier, so on balance, average across all three months," reports the Mirror.

The Daily Star reported that Met Office data projects just a 1.2C increase in the UK's average temperature in the next quarter would make this summer the hottest on record. This long-range forecast issues an alarming warning that has been conveyed in reports to the government.

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The climatologists noted: "There is an increased chance of hot conditions. But this does not imply continuous heatwave conditions, and there could be less extreme levels of warmth than heatwaves."

Last year, the Cerberus heatwave caused record-breaking temperatures across various European countries. Although the UK didn't experience the full force of this heatwave, average temperatures were high enough to make 2023 one of the warmest summers on record.

The Met Office's forecast for this summer indicates a 35 per cent likelihood of significantly warmer-than-average temperatures over the next three months, compared to a mere five per cent chance of much cooler conditions.

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