'He's no trouble': Rebecca Humphries shares cat photo and likes scathing Katya tweet

Katie Archer
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    This story was not much of a story in the first place and now it's over two weeks old. Drop it, please.
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    Ok Rebecca, you have left him we all heard and are getting fed up listening about it. I hope you get the acting jobs that you're looking for
  • W
    “Remained fairly quiet”. Like hell she has. She’s been milking it for all she’s worth, making sure that her unknown name remains in the spotlight for as long as possible. The only one who has maintained a dignified silence in all this is Katya Jones’ husband.
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    I used my vote on the outcome of the dancing and not on the journalistic appraisal of their private lives.
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    Just who is he?
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    Mean while 189 people died in a plane crash.
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    C'mon, you had your five minutes of angst and fame, just drop it now.
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    Can anybody tell me what else Seann Walsh has been in to make him a celebrity?
  • N
    Starting to see why he didn't want to spend her Birthday with her
  • S
    I can see why he wanted to move on from that relationship. She seems manically false, propped up by his fame and talent.