Historic Glasgow city centre building to be demolished to make way for hotel

The historic building is located on Oswald Street.
-Credit: (Image: Google Maps)

A 19th century warehouse building in the city centre will be demolished to make way for a new hotel after plans were given the green light by Glasgow councillors.

The former bonded warehouse at 11 Oswald Street was built around the year 1844 and extended in 1902 when the original roof was removed to add a fourth floor and mansard roof with an attic.

Although the building which has fallen into a state of disrepair is not listed, it sits within the central conservation area and near a modern eight storey design which was initially built as flats and currently used as an aparthotel.

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During Tuesday’s planning meeting, members were made aware of the 52 objections and 14 letters of support received by the department.

Concerns have been raised that the justification for demolition was not sufficient and that the existing building is capable of “reasonable repair and reuse”.

Councillors have also expressed their sadness about the city losing another historic building.

Councillor Paul Leinster said: “I think it is deeply regrettable that we are having to consider the demolition of the building.

“Obviously we don’t want to lose another part of Glasgow’s industrial past but it is unfortunately not going to be viable to retain it and I am not sure that if we were to refuse this, there would necessarily be any other options coming forward in the future that would retain it.

“If you remove the demolition element, I think this is a very good development, it fits in well with what is around it.

“Despite the regrettable decision to demolish this building, I will support it.”

Councillor Martha Wardrop added: “I am saddened at the loss of the warehouse building and I appreciate there has been a great deal of discussion about safeguarding it and structural engineers have carried out significant amounts of work on it to try and preserve but that doesn’t seem possible.”

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