Hollywood Stars Swap Movies For Video Games

Lucy Cotter, Arts and Entertainment Correspondent
Hollywood Stars Swap Movies For Video Games

Guy Ritchie has become the latest A-lister to move from movies into games.

The Hollywood director has produced the new advert for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, which stars Robert Downey Jr.

Every month it is estimated around 40 million people play one of their games, an audience film makers can only dream of. However Ritchie told Sky News the only audience he really cares about is closer to home.

"My son's a massive Call Of Duty fan - so in order to win some credibility points with my son I've ended up here. Also I was drawn to it because technically it's very challenging," he said.

Globally, the gaming industry is expected to be worth nearly £50bn this year with many titles enjoying budgets the size of blockbusters.

Call Of Duty has an impressive cast list with Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman both featuring in the actual game in the past.

An increasing number of actors are making the leap to this growing and incredibly lucrative industry. Ellen Page starred in Beyond Two Souls, Jack Black in Brutal Legend and Mickey Rourke in Rogue Warrior.

The Golden Joystick awards are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and they are considered to be the Oscars of the gaming world.

Voted for by the public, they attracted an impressive four million votes this time round honouring some of finest talent in the industry.

Keith Ramsdale from EA Sports picked up the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award for Fifa 13. He says the gaming industry has grown up and deserves to be taken seriously.

"We sold 1.2 million units in the UK pretty much on the first day of the launch - that's a £50m revenue to the UK economy. That's why I think you're seeing a big mainstream, why big parties are very interested in this industry."

Big names are likely to continue making the move from movies into games as the budgets involved keep increasing and the creative opportunities become even more exciting.