Hong Kong activists ask US politicians to block sale of equipment used against protesters

Tim Baker

Hong Kong activists have appealed to US politicians to stop the sale of American weapons and anti-protest equipment used against pro-democracy activists.

Protests have rocked the former British colony since April due to fears that China was encroaching on the governance of the region.

A number of the leaders in Hong Kong pro-democracy movement testified in front of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, held in the US, today.

Members of the commission have given their support to the protests and said the US needs to counter Chinese efforts to undermine established rights in Hong Kong.

Legislation has been authored that places the Chinese government on notice that if they further erode the territory's autonomy it will lose the special trade status for Hong Kong.

Demonstrators had previously marched outside the US Embassy in the city to ask President Donald Trump for help.

They had called Mr Trump to “liberate” Hong Kong.

Protestors want Carrie Lam to resign (AP)

It was announced earlier this month that the controversial extradition bill that sparked the protests had been withdrawn, but activists in Hong Kong have said this was not enough.

The bill would have allowed the suspected criminals to me shipped to mainland China and its autocratic regime.

But protestors have now added to their list of demands, and have vowed to keep demonstrating until five key demands are met.

These demands include the protests not being called riots, and investigation into the Hong Kong Police violence, an exoneration of all protestors, and the resignation of chief executive Carrie Lam.

Millions of people have marched through the streets of Hong Kong during the course of the unrest there.

There has been outcry and the perceived heavy handedness employed by police there, including the drawing of firearms.

Protestors have been seen throwing petrol bombs at the officers, and have also been accused of vandalism.