Houseboat with gorgeous River Thames views and huge decking up for sale for £49k

Houseboat with fairylights on the river
The houseboat is adorned in adorable fairylights -Credit:Oliver Couchman

Idyllic living on Surrey’s waterways in a houseboat overlooking the banks of the Thames could soon become a reality for those in the market. Some dream of living a quiet life and watching the world go by, and for those who hadn’t thought about it before might be tempted by this tranquil houseboat in Weybridge.

Oliver Couchman has spent the last three months renovating this cosy home, and is now set on parting ways with his passion project. Offering one bedroom, one shower and toilet room and an open plan galley and seating area, the property is on the market for £49,900.

Possessing panoramic views of the riverside and waterways, the houseboat is filled with natural light and boasts stunning scenes. A triple-decking area means there’s plenty of outside space, on the roof of the houseboat, and either end of the lower level.


bed in the corner of the houseboat with wide river views from windows
The cosy bedroom on the houseboat with full river views -Credit:Oliver Couchman

It’s not just a summer venture either, the houseboat is fit for dwelling all year round, and is easily heated up in colder weather with a portable heater. Oliver says it’s affordable to heat, electricity shouldn’t cost more than £37 a month of light usage.

Oliver said: “I live on the river, and what’s amazing here in Weybridge is you get the swans and ducklings swimming up to the houseboat, it sounds like something from a cartoon. It’s got a steel hull so it’s very flat and wide, so it feels stable and doesn’t rock when you walk on it.”

The entire houseboat, first built in 1997, was sanded down by Oliver, inside and out down to its natural wood, which has been stained. He also transformed the downstairs living area open plan, moved the cooker and swapped it for a toilet and power shower.

Those who might want to live in Weybridge on the boat can expect to pay around £700 to £750 in mooring fees per month, and Oliver says that further up the river near Penton Hook and Surbiton, it costs around £570 for residential mooring a month.

white built in sofas on the house boat near the decking
The built-in sofa area for relaxing on the house boat -Credit:Oliver Couchman

Instead of staying in one place, the boat can be steered to travel along the River Thames for a day out, with a SABB 30 diesel engine. There’s plenty of stunning spots to visit, like Hampton Court and Kingston.

Buying a houseboat is straightforward and much easier than buying a house, Oliver claims. He said: “It’s similar to buying a car I suppose, it’s much simpler than buying a house. You sign over ownership via the UK Shipping Register.”

Purchase requires a 10% deposit, those who are making a sale can buy either upfront, or could apply for a loan from the bank. Using bank loans is something Oliver says can be a common way to purchase a houseboat. For more information visit Apollo Duck to arrange a viewing.

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