How many workmen does it take to change a lightbulb? Worker climbs up ladder as SIX colleagues watch

One of the workers stands up a ladder as half a dozen colleagues stand around watching. (SWNS)

How many workmen does it take to change a lightbulb? If this bizarre site is anything to go by, the answer is SEVEN.

The comical scene appears to show six men in high-vis jackets standing around with arms crossed, as one colleague scales a ladder to fix a traffic light.

One worker changes a bulb while the others crowd around the signal at the junction of the M5 and the A30 near Cranbrook, Devon.

The picture of the men - thought to be Highways Agency workers - was taken last Friday and posted on Facebook by Karl Baker, a passenger in a passing car.

He wrote: 'Words fail me! Good to see Highways are helping to reduce local unemployment.'

Other users posted comments to poke fun at the seven-man crew.

Adrian Morgan wrote: 'Standard workman rules: 10 watch 1 works!'

Christopher Fewins wrote: 'Don't worry, the council tax payers will foot the bill without a murmur.'

Devon County Council said the seven men were employed by a contractor to check the lights were working properly.

A spokesman said: 'The work being carried out was not at the expense of the taxpayer and these are not County Council employees.

'The contractor was on site to check that the traffic signals are set up in accordance with strict specifications before the maintenance of the signals is handed over to the Highways Agency.

'The contractor is covering the cost of the final checks and adjustments and they decide how to conduct the work.'