Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall talks about how politicians and big businesses could do more to encourage healthier eating

River Cottage's Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall talks to Kate about how politicians and big business determine what we eat and how he wants to educate people to make better healthier choices on smaller budgets.

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Video transcript

HUGH FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL: And it's a conversation that politicians often try and deflect by saying, ah, but it's about personal choice. You know, the food you choose, we can't tell people what to eat. We can't be the nanny state. But actually the problem is big business does tell people what to eat. And it tells them to eat foods that aren't good for them. And it offers them those unhealthy foods at very cheap prices. So we do have to push back.

There is another side to that conversation. And in the end, it's partly about education. It's partly about trying to make sure that the healthier foods are not the more expensive ones. There's a thing that's happening in the world of food called reformulation, that even the most-- even the most processed foods can be made a little healthier. It can be made with less sugar. They can be made with less salt. They can be made with wholer ingredients. Those are decisions that business can make.