Hugh Grant says UK is ‘finished’ with Boris Johnson as prime minister: ‘It’s a catastrophe’

Roisin O'Connor
Getty Images

Hugh Grant has said the result of the December general election was a “catastrophe” and the UK is “finished”, in a withering condemnation of British politics.

The actor made the brief comment in an interview with his The Gentleman co-star Charlie Hunnam for Associated Press in the US.

The interviewer mentioned Grant’s vocal campaigning during the election, where he campaigned for Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

“I’m just wondering, how are you feeling now everything’s kind of settled?” the interviewer asked.

“No, it’s a catastrophe,” Grant responded bluntly.

“So no… bright light on the horizon?” the reporter ventured.

“No, no, the country’s finished,” Grant said.

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, one of Grant's regular sparring partners on Twitter, condemned the actor for his attitude.

"Hugh Grant is so disgusting," he tweeted. "How dare he say Britain is 'finished'? The only thing that's 'finished' is this stuck-up arrogant twerp's credibility as any kind of political expert."

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