A Hull City classic which sets up final weekend filled with play-off and relegation drama

Noah Ohio rescued a point with this first goal at home for City -Credit:Greig Cowie/REX/Shutterstock
Noah Ohio rescued a point with this first goal at home for City -Credit:Greig Cowie/REX/Shutterstock

Saturday night's 3-3 draw between Hull City and Ipswich Town summed up the excitement in what has been another memorable Championship, and for the Tigers, it may have one more surprise in store.

The point moved City closer to West Brom who were thumped at Sheffield Wednesday and have now lost their last three games as they stumble into the top six, while Liam Rosenior's men were roared off by a capacity crowd after being involved in one of the games of the season.

While it may not have been the three points they craved, Liam Rosenior's side have given themselves a fighting chance going into the final weekend at Plymouth Argyle on Saturday, and that's what they've been asking for.

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A classic

Ultimately, football is about making memories, and enjoying what you see with those you care about and for the 24,500 or so inside the MKM Stadium on Saturday night, they would have gone home thrilled with what they saw. Of course, everybody associated with City wanted three points but the game was a real classic, a titanic affair that ebbed and flowed one way to the next.

It was the epitome of Championship football and in truth, it would have been harsh on either side to have come away with nothing. Sometimes, it's important to try and park all the stuff around the game and just actually enjoy what the two sets of players served up on the pitch because it was superb.

Yes, City made some key errors for all three goals, and yes, this was another home game where they failed to win, but for once, let's revel in what was a cracking game of football between two very good sides playing open, attractive football and keeping everybody entertained, and reminded why they actually love the game.

What a noise

In four years of covering City, that was by some distance the loudest I've experienced at the MKM Stadium throughout the game and beyond. It was incredible, in fact, I've got goosebumps as I sit here at 2:15 am writing these notes. It was special, and the roar for each of the three goals was unparalleled.

It shows what a difference the home crowd can make when it's vibrant and partisan like it was last night and has to be the benchmark for next season.

What was also hugely heartening to see what the amount of fans who stuck around deep into the night for the lap of appreciation from Acun, the players, staff and ther families and that was appreciated by the dressing room. It shows the bond that has been created this season, and while it hasn't always gone well, that ending got deserved recognition.

Sign them up

What's that they always say about not falling in love with loan players? Given the way Fabio Carvalho, Noah Ohio and Liam Delap in particular have taken to life at City, it's hard not to want to see more of them.

Carvalho's 12 goals since joining in January have been a key reason why the Tigers are going into the final day with a fair chance of snatching that sixth spot, while Ohio's three goals have also made a big difference and as for Liam Delap, well, he's one to cherish, isn't he?

Signing Fabio this summer is unlikely, even the most optimistic City fan must accept that, but Delap and Ohio must be considered possible and that's something to be enthused by.

One to look forward to

What a final day we've got in store now with so much jeopardy. Plymouth know they must win against the Tigers to guarantee safety and that will create nervousness at Home Park. Birmingham host Norwich which of course, impacts City, so there's plenty to look forward to for the 1,500 or so away fans making the long journey down to Devon.

Both teams need to win the game and that in itself should set things up perfectly for another classic encounter. Rosenior wanted something on the final day and he's got his wish.

Given it's the final day and both teams have different needs, no doubt we'll get random and sporadic cheers throughout the afternoon as false alarms emerge on the terraces coupled with actual developments from elsewhere.

Sign off in style

Ultimately, City know they must win and hope Preston beat West Brom to clinch that top-six spot. Whatever happens in the Black Country, however, City can finish the season on 73 points and seventh in the table. While missing out on the play-offs would be gutting for all concerned, to notch up 73 points must be considered an achievement in itself given where this team have come from.

City finished last season with a 0-0 draw at Luton to rubber-stamp 15th place with 58 points for their efforts. Twelve months on and they're going to finish 7th and at least 12 points better off, an achievement not to be sniffed at.

If the play-offs are not meant to be, that's a very solid base from which to into the summer and rebuild again ready for a significant push next season.