I'm A Celeb 2016: What a week it's been in the jungle

Hard to believe that it’s only been seven days since the celebs landed in the jungle. And what a week it’s been.

Since last Sunday, we’ve fallen in love with Larry Lamb and Scarlett Moffatt and are rooting for them to get their own spin-off.

scarlett moffatt

We’ve developed a crush on Joel Dommett and his impeccable pecs.

joel dommett

And we’ve got ourselves a new ‘love-to-hate’ figure in Homes Under The Hammers star, Martin Roberts, who took on tonight’s Bushtucker Trial – which involved sharing a water-filled coffin with 52 snakes.

“It’s the most we’ve ever used in a trial,” a proud Ant (or possibly Dec) told him.

Despite having a crushing fear of small spaces, Martin managed to get an impressive eight out of 12 stars. Which isn’t bad work.

Martin Roberts

Sadly, Martin didn’t impress the rest of the camp as he took his sweet, sweet time revealing how many stars he got, preferring to go through the whole thing in excruciating detail.

“We all sat down at one point,” laughed Scarlett. “We knew then we were there for the long haul.”

But shockingly, Joel revealed that he’d been caught out online with some naughty pics.

“I thought I was talking to someone, but it was just a video,” the comedian revealed. “It was just me watching a porno. Like a porno-Gogglebox.”

Elsewhere, the hatchet that Danny and Martin buried earlier this week was dug back up when Danny accused Martin of not pulling his weight in the chores.

Martin was visibly upset after winning eight stars for the camp.

Wayne Bridge and Martin Roberts

Wayne Bridge showed more of why he’s the nicest guy in camp when he put his arm round a sobbing Martin and comforted him.

What does Week 2 hold for the celebs??