I'm A Celebrity: Nella Rose refuses to speak to Fred Sirieix after explosive row

Nigel Farage relives surviving the plane crash as he remembers the 'explosion'

Nella Rose has lashed out at Fred Sirieix (ITV/Shutterstock)
Nella Rose has lashed out at Fred Sirieix (ITV/Shutterstock)

I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose gave Fred Sirieix the silent treatment after having a furious row as she declared: "Let's not be friends."

Rose was so angry because Sirieix had playfully said he was old enough to be her dad but she took great offence as her dad has sadly died.

In an explosive outburst, she told the First Dates star: "You know that my mum is dead, you know that my dad is dead. Every time I want to get creative around the fire you get in my way. You tend to get an attitude.

"Yesterday you turned around with an attitude and said you could be my dad. To me, that's disrespectful.

"I don't want to be around you. I only allow people to disrespect me once."

Sirieix tried to apologise and while Rose said she accepted his apology, she made it clear she didn't want to be friends.

"I accept your apology but let's not be friends," she said.

The influencer laid out that she no longer wanted to speak to him, eat his food or even be near him in the jungle camp - sparking outrage among viewers at home.

Later, the social media star screamed "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here" during the Bushtucker trial No Time To Cry after only securing three stars.

I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose screams doing the second Bushtucker trial (ITV screengrab)
I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose screams doing the second Bushtucker trial (ITV screengrab)

She was pushed to breaking point when she was electrocuted and surrounded by giant spiders.

The campmates were unimpressed when they were served two crocodile feet between all of them.

Elsewhere, Nigel Farage revealed he was disappointed he didn't do the trial because he claimed those doing the trials get "25% more airtime".

He also relived the horrors of his 2010 plane crash as he told his campmates: "I recall the explosion."

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  • Lily Waddell

    Jamie Lynn Spears voted to do Climb of Cruelty

    Jamie Lynn Spears was the latest celebrity to be voted to do the Bushtucker trial.

    Despite Nigel Farage's hopes of getting "25% of the airtime", he was excluded from the vote because on medical grounds.

    Nella Rose was also kept out of the vote on medical grounds.

  • Lily Waddell

    ITV suffers technical blunder

    I'm A Celebrity come off air for a few moments when the show suffered technical problems.

    Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly made fun of the moment where the show came off air for a few moments.

    Ant McPartlin joked: "We apologise for coming off air. Two percent less airtime for us!"

  • Lily Waddell

    Sobbing Jamie Lynn Spears wants to go home

    Crying Jamie Lynn Spears said she wants to go home after the campmates failed to win her special picture of her children.

    Marvin Humes broke the bad news, saying they were unable to win all of the camp's items because they had to do a creepy crawly trial.

    In the piece to camera, she said: "I don't get it. Why would you put them through that? They feel guilty. This is not ok! I want to go home."

    She then told her campmates: "I quit, I don't want to be here. That was f***ing torture. F*** this."

    Earlier in the episode, the star had broken down in tears as she confided in her campmates about missing her children.

    The celebrities did win some luxury items for the group though, including: Josie Gibson's cute cushion with her son Reggie's face, Nella Rose's lipgloss, Nick Pickard's orange cushion and a giant blow-up pineapple for Danielle Harold.

  • Lily Waddell

    Nigel Farage recalls 'explosion' in plane crash

    Nigel Farage spoke openly about surviving a plane crash in 2010.

    "I was being an idiot, flying a banner," he said. "A Brexit message obviously!"

    The former politician laughed awkwardly as he told Fred Sirieix the banner said "vote for independence or something".

    Of the crash, he said: "I don’t recall being unconscious. I recall the explosion. Being stuck in there. Every rib front and back split. Not in hospital for as long as I should have been, got bored."

    The former UKIP leader explained the thought process behind his attitude, saying if bad things happen you can choose to look at it in two different ways.

    "I’ve had a few things happen so I think sod it, I’m gunna do what I believe," he said.

  • Lily Waddell

    Marvin Humes admits sneaky way he got Rochelle's number

    Marvin Humes has opened up about the way he secretly got Rochelle's number on a night out - by taking her phone out of her handbag and calling his own phone.

    He was smitten from meeting her for the first time but it took three months of "pestering" to get a first date, he said. Of course, the rest is history.

    He said: "I met Rochelle when JLS and the Saturdays were doing the shows together. We were in a nightclub in Ireland. We were chatting getting on really well.

    "She went to the toilet and she left her handbag. I got her phone out and called myself so I had her number. Took me about three months of pestering her to get a date."

    They had their first date at McDonald's car park in Wembley and 13 years later, they are married, have renewed their vows and have three children.

    Fred Sirieix and Sam Thompson also openly discussed the ladies in their lives.

    When Sirieix revealed he was going to get married next year, Thompson was very keen to organise his stag do - in Las Vegas.

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    Britney Spears was 'heartbroken' when she lost the Grammy Award

    Jamie Lynn Spears revealed her sister Britney Spears was "heartbroken" when she lost out at the Grammy Awards to Christina Aguilera.

    It was made even more devastating by the film cameras waiting at home for the family's response - only for Britney to lose.

    The pop star's little sister remembered she was only seven or eight at the time but she said, "I remember being like this is crap."

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    Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly mock Nigel Farage

    Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly jumped on the opportunity to mock Farage (ITV)

    Very cheeky Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly were quick to make fun of Nigel Farage once again.

    Farage commented the celebrities would not blame Nella Rose "at this stage" for only coming back to camp with three stars.

    The quick-witted presenters jumped on the opportunity to make fun of the former politician, saying that was why he had his show on GB News.

    Donnelly added: "GB news have been in touch and asked us to make it clear that Keith and Linda are not their only viewers."

    McPartlin and Donnelly agreed: "They are absolutely right."

    McPartlin then poked fun again, saying: "Sometimes the dog wonders in."

  • Lily Waddell

    Nella Rose cries 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here'

    Nella Rose said the infamous words, "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here."

    The social media influencer claimed she was "traumatised" by the trial, saying "being electrocuted I was in hell."

    She said: "I'm getting stronger, day by day."

    The TV sensation only managed to collect three stars.

    Dec Donnelly tried to comfort the star as he said, "You are not going back empty handed."

    "I tried my hardest," she responded.

  • Lily Waddell

    Nigel Farage wants more air time

    Nigel Farage revealed his disappointment at not being up for the Bushtucker trial because he believes doing the trials gives the stars "25% more airtime".

    Social media went wild over the moment, with viewers writing: "Nigel Farage was visibly upset that he wasn’t picked to do the challenge as he said “it’s 25% air time” that man is using this platform to make a political comeback. This man who has contributed to the worsening of this country. But Nella is your villain."

    "Nigel farage being calculating about wanting air time caught me off guard."

    "Nigel farage had a microphone fastened around his neck and belt when he said about the 25% air time, he knows what he’s trying to do."

  • Lily Waddell

    Fred Sirieix tried to apologise

    Fred Sirieix was genuinely upset about the exchange (ITV)

    Fred Sirieix had tried to say sorry to Nella Rose for offending her but she wasn't interested in making up.

    "I am sorry," he said. "Sorry I have offended you. I was unaware you felt offended. I only said that in a way because I am older than you because I am 51."

    While Rose said she accepted his apology, she made it clear that she no longer wanted to speak to him or be friends or eat his food.

    "I accept your apology," she said. Later, she added: "Let's not be friends."

    Genuinely upset about how the situation had snowballed, Sirieix sought comfort from Nick Pickard.

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Josie Gibson 10/3

Danielle Harold 7/2

Sam Thompson 9/2

Fred Sirieix 6/1

Nigel Farage 7/1

Nick Pickard 16/1

Marvin Humes 22/1

Nella Rose 28/1

Grace Dent 40/1

Jamie-Lynn Spears 50/1

Lee Phelps, a spokesperson for William Hill, said of the odds: “There’s only one name on punters’ lips after the first episode of I’m A Celeb and that’s Danielle Harold.

“The Eastenders actress was very popular during and after Sunday night’s show and having been 7/1 prior to it, she’s now the second favourite at 7/2.

“Fred Sirieix has also been well backed at 6/1, while Nigel Farage hasn’t gone down well and is out to 7/1 from 9/2.”

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