'I'm A Celebrity': Louise Minchin and Kadeena Cox face Critter-cal Cages in bug-ridden trial

Louise Minchin and Kadeena Cox take on a trial. (ITV)
Louise Minchin and Kadeena Cox take on a trial. (ITV)

I'm A Celebrity sees Louise Minchin and Kadeena Cox face an unpleasant run-in with boxes of critters in Monday's episode.

The ITV series will feature the former BBC Breakfast star and Paralympian take on the latest bushtucker trial that is typically terrifying and filled with creepy crawlies.

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In a first look video from the episode, Minchin can be seen locked in a box lying down on the floor while Cox has to reach into various cages filled with snakes and other creatures to find keys.

For each key, a box of critters is released into Minchin's locked space, but only some of them contain stars which she must collect to win meals.

A nervous-sounding Minchin urges Cox to hurry in unlocking the boxes, but with each cage also housing some unsavoury creatures, they'll both need to hold their nerve to win the stars.

Monday's episode will also see the second celebrity ejected from camp after the evictions began on Sunday.

Dame Arlene Phillips was the first celebrity to be voted out and in an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday, she told how the campmates had been offered luxuries to enjoy during their evacuation from the castle for Storm Arwen.

Arlene Phillips was voted out first. (ITV)
Arlene Phillips was voted out first. (ITV)

She said: "It was a blessing in disguise. It was very strange going back because you're out of the castle but still in isolation, but to me it was great because I managed to get delivered my hair dye.

"I could do my roots and it was the biggest thrill of a lifetime to go back without my roots showing."

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Phillips also revealed: "We didn't get our phones back, I wish! The only thing we had to watch was Netflix. No news, no family contact, nothing.

"We spent a day in the castle, we didn't know where we were going to go, what was going to happen, we were taken into isolation and we all had separate houses, food waiting for us, we were totally isolated."

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