Jamie Lynn Spears quits I'm A Celebrity: all the signs she was going to leave

Britney Spears' little sister has a history of quitting reality shows because she misses her children.

Jamie Lynn Spears in the camp on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! (ITV/Shutterstock)
Jamie Lynn Spears has threatened to quit I'm A Celebrity. (ITV/Shutterstock)

Jamie Lynn Spears was the second star to quit I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! on medical grounds this series following Grace Dent's exit in recent days.

Britney Spears' younger sister has made no secret of her struggle in the jungle - just days into the show.

While she had a few days in camp, on Tuesday she was upset when her friend Sam Thompson said she was "crying wolf" over saying she was going to quit the show.

In the past, the tearful actor and singer doesn't have a great track record at going the distance in reality TV shows.

ITV has confirmed that Spears has left the show in a statement: "Jamie Lynn Spears has left I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! on medical grounds. She's been a fantastic campmate who has triumphed at trials and bonded well with her fellow celebrities."

Threatening to leave

In Tuesday's episode, Spears broke down in tears over her struggles in the jungle again after having a good spell.

“I hate it here so much, I hate it here so much, I hate it here so much. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it here," she said.

"This place is where people go to have the worst days of their lives. Dear God please help me to make it. I think I've got to leave, I think I've got to leave."

Her friend on the show Sam Thompson joked she was "crying wolf" which appeared to upset Spears.

She said: "I'm not the girl who cried wolf, I'm speaking honestly about my emotions."

He responded: "You're never leaving, you're going to be here longer than we are."

"I'm not crying wolf, I mean it every single time I say I want to leave," she hit back.

It comes after she and Thompson had struck up a close friendship on the show.

Spears has been heavily hinting she is ready to walk out because she missed her kids so much. And it wouldn't be the first time she's played that card.

When the other campmates tried to console her that she had been through harder times than sleeping in a rainy jungle she said: "But at least all that s*** I could go home to my babies every night, you know? That’s it, that’s all I need in life. It feels a little bit overwhelming. They’re not even close."

Talking about whether she would quit on her morning show Lorraine Kelly revealed: "I think there is a rule that they have to stay in for at least 72 hours or they don't get their money..."

History of quitting

Jamie Lynn Spears at ther launch for Special Forces.
Jamie Lynn Spears quit survival show Special Forces early. (Getty Images)

The star of Nickelodeon teen sitcom Zoey 101 took part in the US version of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins earlier this year.

The latest series of Special Forces: World's Toughest Test aired in January 2023 and Spears quit in week three.

The former child star's reason's for leaving the show after just three episodes was because she missed her family. Spears broke down in tears saying she missed her children and said he felt like a "c**p mom” for leaving them to do the show.

She is mother to daughters Maddie, 15 and five-year-old Ivey.

Fame snub

Britney Spears' younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears has been named a trustee of the singer's fortune. (Getty Images)
Jamie Lynn Spears is Britney Spears' younger sister. (Getty Images)

Spears might have been in denial about why she has been signed up to I'm A Celebrity.

She has had a singing and acting career of her own, but the 32-year-old reality star is best known by many for being the younger sister of pop sensation Britney Spears.

But maybe Spears didn't realise she was in the jungle because viewers and her campmates want to hear her talk about her famous sister.

When Josie Gibson tried to talk to her about Britney, Spears clammed right up – which must have been a big disappointment to I'm A Celeb bosses.

But since then, she has opened up about her relationship with her sister including their fallouts.

Emotional struggle

I'm A Celebrity's Jamie Lynn Spears is the baby sister of pop star Britney (ITV)
I'm A Celebrity's Jamie Lynn Spears keeps crying becasue she missed her kids. (ITV)

Spears was already showing signs if cracking under the pressure just a few days into the show.

The US star – who made headlines when she became pregnant at the age of 16 – had a tearful breakdown about feeling pressured to have an abortion when fellow I'm A Celebrity contestant Fred Sirieix tried to ask her about her parents.

And the mother-of-two cried again on the latest episode of the show because she misses her children.

She said: "I don’t know how I’m so emotionally weak... Why am I crying so much? Josie [Gibson] has a baby at home…"

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