'I'm A Celeb' viewers angry at show for embarrassing Anne Hegerty

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’s viewers are far from happy with the ITV programme for embarrassing Anne Hegerty in last night’s episode (November 26).

Viewers saw newly appointed camp leader Nick Knowles and Hegerty wake up in the Imperial Palace, having both enjoyed the luxury of a proper night’s sleep on a mattress.

Knowles said: “The new accommodation is very nice, it’s nice to have a mattress to sleep in but in actual fact I think I prefer sleeping in the open now.”

Hegerty was perhaps a little too comfortable, however, as she rolled out of bed and broke wind in Knowles’ general direction.

Embarrassed, she quickly apologised, saying: “Excuse me, sorry.”

Knowles was quick to comfort her, saying: “That’s entirely understandable, Anne”, what with the campmates living off a diet of rice and beans for the past week.

But viewers weren’t happy that the footage made it into the episode, claiming that the ITV show had embarrassed the Chase star.

One person wrote: “We all do it at some point, but not on TV though!”

Some viewers found the moment incredibly funny, however.

After the embarrassing moment, Hegerty told the Bush Telegraph: “I farted in Nick’s face this morning and he didn’t seem to mind, so obviously we’re good mates.”

This comes after Hegerty was voted by the public to do yet another horrible-sounding Bushtucker Trial.

She’ll take on the Hellish Hospital, where she’ll no doubt be greeted by all manner of disgusting gunks and critters.

But some viewers think voters are being unfair on The Chase star, having already been voted to take on a similar task in which she was covered in goo and insects.

In the live trial, Hegerty also had to drink a glass of liquidised fish eyes. However, she didn’t just complete the task, she set a new record, downing the fishy eye juice in just 12 seconds. But some viewers questioned the drink’s content, with some claiming it actually contained Coca-Cola.

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