I'm A Celeb's Lady Colin Campbell says 'fake victim' Princess Diana wanted her to write 'lies' in biography

Lady Colin Campbell made some shocking allegations against Princess Diana. (PA)
Lady Colin Campbell made some shocking allegations against Princess Diana. (PA)

I’m A Celeb’s Lady Colin Campbell claims that ‘fake victim’, the late Princess Diana, wanted her to write ‘lies’ in her book about her.

The shocking comments come as Lady C, 68, as she was referred to on the Australian reality TV show, opened up about how she was lined up to write the late Princess’s biography before it was allegedly scrapped due to a ‘victimhood’ stance.

Despite Lady C initially turning down the offer to pen Diana’s story, it still made its way to shelves in the form of Diana: Her True Story, written by Andrew Morton, as it proved a controversial release.

‘Diana In Private started out as the official biography,’ she said while speaking to the Daily Mail about her book.

‘Diana and I agreed that I’d do an official biography of her – an anodyne biography. Then she saw it was what she called her “get out of jail card”.

‘And she decided to turn it from an official biography to an unofficial biography, detailing her dissatisfaction with her life as a member of the Royal Family.’

She went on: ‘I took some convincing, but she convinced me that it was in both our interests to do this.

‘Diana was advised by friends that she should play the victim,’ she suggested.

But apparently Lady C didn’t go along with what she describes as a ‘victimhood’ narrative: ‘I did not agree with her posture of victimhood. I sensed it was not going to do her or her children or her family or the Royal Family any good in the long run, so I walked away.’

Princess Diana touring an Angolan minefield in body armour. (PA)
Princess Diana touring an Angolan minefield in body armour. (PA)

‘She wanted me to effectively tell lies, like propaganda. I’m not criticising Andrew Morton – he wrote what she told him,’ she said.

‘He chose to believe all that she said and accepted it undiluted, while I was not prepared to do so.’

Lady C released Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows, in 1992 as an unofficial biography where she revealed her battle with bulimia and affair with James Hewitt – claims that were later confirmed in Morton’s official book.

The eventual, intended book written by Morton was released a year later in 1993, and shocked people with the exposure of how the royal family treated Diana and shattered the somewhat wholesome image of the Princess of Wales.

Six years after it came out, at age 36, Diana died as her car crashed while escaping chasing journalists in Paris in August of 1997. Dodi Fayed, whom she was romantically linked with, also died in the high-speed tunnel crash.

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