Self-titled 'influencer' shut down over insane wedding demand

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A social media user has claimed 'influencer' status in hopes of free photography. Photo: Getty Images

Everyone loves a freebie, and with wedding prices reaching dizzying heights we’re all looking to tighten the purse string wherever we can.

Not many however, would have the audacity to pitch themselves as a ‘personality’ in the hopes of picking up services for free.

Not many maybe, but at least one self-titled ‘influencer’ did exactly that, only to watch the whole thing explode in her face.

The email exchange between a photography company and the bride was shared to a Facebook group, where the hilarious tale drew hundreds of likes and comments.

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The whole thing kicked off with an email from an unnamed PR on behalf of an anonymous and self-titled ‘social media influencer’.

Bizarrely the PR explains that the ‘influencer’ boasts 55k followers between her Facebook and Instagram.

While this sounds like a staggering number to the average person, in the Instagram world it hardly warrants the ‘well-known’ title the PR assigns to their client.

The email

The photographers had some questions for the 'influencer' bride. Photo: Getty Images

“In the lead up to her wedding, this summer, she would like a documentary-style video (an hour) and photos taken at bridal fittings,” the email reads.

“In return she will extensively promote your business to followers,” the email promises, adding somewhat strangely that she will also offer a discount of ‘at least’ 25% to her followers.

The taken aback bridal company responded in an email which undid the bold request with one simple question.

“There may have been a slight typo in your original email, specifically relating to a missing zero on the amount of combined followers your client has across all their platforms” the response read.

“As I’m sure your aware 55,000 is not usually the level of following which can command the free transfer of products worth between £3-4k in total.”

They also sarcastically thanked the ‘influencer’ for her offer of knocking 25% off their product for her followers.

An incensed PR rep shot back an email telling the owners, “we will no longer be considering you to shoot what would have been a very lucrative opportunity”.

The PR then threatened to ‘name and shame’ the business for their ‘abuse’.

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Not to be outdone, the photographers shot back a faux-conciliatory email promising to ‘take this one on the chin and rebuild our business best we can’.

Social media responds

The 'influencer' promised to promote the wedding photography with her social media followers. Photo: Getty Images

The hilarious exchange has sent social media into stitches with sympathisers rallying around the photographers to commiserate over the ‘entitled’ influencer.

The photographers rounded off the email with a sincere appeal to the Instagram user’s better nature, arguing they felt the need to ‘stand up for our profession and value our craft’.

It’s a universal eye-roll many professionals share as many so-called social media ‘stars’ continue to expect free services in return for minimal promotion.

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