International Women’s Day 2018: Quotes and memes to celebrate gender equality

Laura Hampson
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    There is this problem of illegal aliens that keeps me from voting for ANY democrat women (or men or anything in between). It also keeps me from voting for illegal aliens advocate republicans. However, I would be proud to vote for any woman that supports Trump's immigration agenda.. and strong borders.
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    V for Vendetta
    Take your "jokes" there, how typical that a woman sees men as a joke! Perhaps women will be complaining about advertising that uses semi and totally naked men to sell them anything from yoghurt to perfume - oh silly me that is all done as a bit of fun isn't it! The term hypocrisy is central to much of what many women see as affecting them. I have a great little 'toon showing what I feel about all those women who think equality means they are more equal than men, who think only men are sexual predators etc... oh and the kicker is the GUY!!!