Invasion of the super wasps! Aggressive insects who sting repeatedly set to terrorise British gardens

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

You would think that the arrival of summer would be a good thing but while the hot weather is cheering Brits up, it is also attracting a nasty menace.

German super wasps, who love nothing more than to sting repeatedly, are bigger and angrier than the common wasp and they are set to take over gardens and parks across the country.

A mild spring and hot start to the summer have created ideal breeding conditions for the insects, who grow up to half an inch in size.

The yellow jacket wasps are bigger and more aggressive than the common variety (Good Free Photos)

Known as ‘yellow jackets’, these wasps mass together in colonies of 10,000 and they can send signals to the entire nest to sting anything they deem a threat.

Ian Urquhart, of Advanced Pest Management, told The Sun: “Many insects will have come out of hibernation early to seek food.

“It means we could have more prolific breeding trends and a larger population.

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“We will only know for sure later in the year ­but we could be facing a bumper season.”

Anyone finding a nest of German wasps in in lofts or under roof tiles are warned to leave well alone – or face some particularly nasty consequences if they swarm and attack.

The wasps – recognised by three black spots on their faces – have been known to feed on barbecue meat during summer.

They have also been known to feed on fermented fruit – which makes them even more angry.

Top pic: Wikipedia