Is James Jordan about to enter the I’m A Celebrity camp?

Things are ticking along pretty nicely in the ultra-chummy I’m A Celebrity camp right now – but if one rumour is to be believed, one man is about to change all that.

James Jordan/Rex
James Jordan/Rex

Ex-Strictly star James Jordan has been busy Tweeting from Down Under, where he’s apparently travelled to be “closer to his baby” Ola, who’s already holed up in the jungle. But just how close is ‘close’?

Oh, and the 38-year-old dancer has also checked into the rather swanky looking Versace hotel – which just so happens to be the same place the show’s contestants stay in before and after their stint in the jungle. Coincidence?

“Just arrived in the Versace Hotel in Australia,” the star Tweeted recently. “Now at least I’m closer to my baby @The_OlaJordan. Can’t believe I’m going to be roughing it.”

Hmmm…. All very curious. Anyway, one thing’s for sure – if James does end up becoming a contestant, things could all go sour pretty quickly. He’s just told the Mirror that he reckons the campers have it too easy, and the show’s waaaay too much of a laugh at the moment.

“I do hope there are a few more arguments because I’m sick and twisted like that,” he admitted. “I want it to be really hardcore, if you want to experience it, experience it all. Take away their food, beans and rice as well.

Ola and James Jordan
Ola and James Jordan/Rex Photos

“Normally when I watch show like this I’m on Twitter and I’m slagging them off but everyone seems quite nice.”

James also hinted that he thinks the reality show is fixed, and wondered whether the show’s favourite to win Scarlett Moffatt has been fed lines to get people voting for her.

“I do like Scarlett but it’s almost like she’s been scripted,” he whinged. “She knows exactly what to say to get people on her side. Is it real?”

Sounds like James is exactly the kind of person ITV needs to shake things up a bit.

James Jordan/Rex Photos
James Jordan/Rex Photos