Is Vladimir Putin Immortal? These Pictures ‘Prove’ It

Rob Waugh

Vladimir Putin has certainly lasted longer in office than most world leaders - but a new theory suggests he has lasted a very long time indeed.

A montage of images circulating on social media suggests that Putin is, in fact, immortal.

The images show two Russian servicemen - one claimed to be from 1920 and one from 1941.

The montage has circulated widely on social media - echoing previous images which purported to show that Jay Z was immortal.

Conspiracy theorists reportedly believe that there may be supernatural forces at work - and that Putin may actually have been alive for thousands of years.

UFO site says, ‘On social networks are circulating pictures from 1920. and in 1941. for which some people claim that they are pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘In fact, supporters of the thesis that Putin is almighty and immortal, have launched a story that their president is a mythical creature that resides on our planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years.’