Stacey Solomon snaps at husband Joe after she's 'fuming' at being left with the kids

Stacey admitted she was 'fuming' -Credit:Instagram

Stacey Solomon snapped at Joe Swash in their Pickle Cottage home when a kitchen disaster left the Sort Your Life Out star upset.

The 33-year-old attempted to make a refreshing dessert for herself by mixing up a homemade lemon sorbet. However, she was left disappointed when the sweet treat didn't come out quite as planned.

It comes as the regular Loose Women star previously admitted to fans in a social media update she was 'fuming' after her husband Joe left her with their five kids. The former EastEnders star headed to Birmingham over the weekend for work.

Filming herself taking a bite of the lemon dessert, Stacey said: “I have been so excited about this for 24 hours," before screwing her face up at the camera and spitting out the sour treat as she declared it was ‘the worst,' reports OK! Magazine.

Alongside the caption 'fumin' Stacey retorted “That is the worst, what the hell?” before Joe crept up behind his irritated wife who snapped at him: “Get away from me.”

Stacey snapped at Joe to 'get away' from her in a recent post -Credit:Instagram

Joe took a bite of the dessert also and was left baffled at the taste. "How can you make a lemon taste worse?," he quipped as Stacey appeared to relish in his dissatisfaction. "That’s brightened up my day," she cheekily added.

Continuing to rant about the kitchen mishap, Stacey said: "That’s actually really upset me..It’s not tasty.. it tastes like lemon skin."

It comes as Stacey admitted to being left reeling over the weekend over premenstrual hormones, when she was left to deal with their five kids alone.

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Speaking to her almost six million Instagram followers, Stacey explained: "I'm fuming! I'm fuming for absolutely no reason whatsoever," before letting everyone know Joe was travelling to Birmingham for a job.

"Lucky for him, he's working up there today," she warned before admitting she wasn't in the mood to have him around. "How dare he though?" she quipped before adding that he’s abandoned her in her "time of need".

"The sight of him quite frankly rubs me up the wrong way, but still, how dare he go to work? That's the kind of mood I'm in!” Stacey admitted.

Candidly opening up on her mood swings whilst chopping lemons for her sorbet, Stacey admitted: "I'm just annoyed. I get like this. I go one or two ways when I'm due on.

"I'm either like really teary and I think the world hates me... even though they're my friends and they obviously don't. Maybe I'm picking up on a vibe? No," she joked, before laughing.

"Anyway, so I either feel like that or I'm fuming - and this month, I'm fuming! Hopefully Joe stays in Birmingham,” Stacey said before reminding her followers that she was only "joking".

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