ITV Emmerdale fans 'work out' who will help Belle Dingle leave abusive Tom King

Mandy Dingle with Tom King and Belle Dingle
Fans have spotted a major clue -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale viewers have pieced together who might come to Belle Dingle's aid after Tom King's abusive behaviour escalated on the soap.

In distressing scenes, following a dinner party, Belle was left alone with Tom who aggressively questioned her about using contraception. The confrontation turned physical when he forced her hand under scalding water, marking his first act of violence.

Belle is trapped in a coercive relationship with her husband, and it appears things will deteriorate further. Yet, eagle-eyed fans believe they've spotted a hint from the show's writers that a certain villager could be her saviour.

As Tom led Belle upstairs, Mandy Dingle was seen hastily following them, leading viewers to speculate she's aware of the situation and poised to intervene. One viewer tweeted: "I'm sure Mandy suspects something - she didn't waste time coming up the stairs after Belle and Tom #Emmerdale," while another commented: "I hope Mandy following them upstairs means she's cottoned on!"

Others expressed their hopes online, with tweets like "Will Mandy figure it out #Emmerdale," and "I wish Belle would tell Mandy or someone else what's going on and how uncomfortable she is. #Emmerdale.", reports the Mirror.

Another fan stated: "Mandy is not thick. I am gonna need her to notice."

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Dingle, has hinted that the Dingles are close to discovering the truth about Tom's abuse.

Speaking about the gripping plot, she revealed to Digital Spy: "I don't think there's anyone at home who's watching that story and not screaming out at the TV because it's so well done. It's been so well scripted and played excellently by those two - Eden and James.

"I think at some point the Dingles will no doubt find out and then there'll be extreme anger and upset and support for Belle, because the Dingles always come together to rally round to support whoever's in need."

Teasing fans with a hint of dramatic developments ahead, she added: "I think it's going to be explosive eventually. And for now it's watching it trickling out it's watching it play out. It's brilliantly done but it's painful to watch."

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