ITV Emmerdale's Tom King's downfall 'sealed' as he turns violent in horrifying twist

Emmerdale aired a worrying and horrifying twist on Tuesday night's episode as Tom King turned violent
Tom King's downfall has been 'sealed' -Credit:ITV

Tom King took a dark turn in Tuesday night's episode as he became violent. The ITV soap is exploring a coercive control storyline with the character, manipulating his partner Belle Dingle.

His behaviour has been increasingly disturbing, with him keeping her under surveillance. The latest Emmerdale episode saw an even more distressing development as Tom turned violent.

In the most recent episode, Emmerdale gave viewers a chilling look at Belle and Tom's marriage during a special dinner party episode. This was where Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk's marriage disintegrated in front of everyone during the meal, leading all the other guests to leave.

However, they were unaware that they were leaving Belle in danger after Tom's behaviour escalated upon discovering that his wife was still taking the contraceptive pill despite forcing her to throw the tablets away last week. Tom is pressuring her to start a family, even though Belle has already expressed that she isn't ready and has been secretly taking the pill without Tom's knowledge.

The episode concluded with utterly devastating and horrifying scenes as Tom became violent towards Belle, reports the Mirror.

As the plot thickens and takes a more sinister turn, fans are eager for Tom to be exposed and Belle to be rescued. Viewers have taken to social media to speculate about Tom's impending downfall.

Manpreet Sharma

Earlier this week, Belle scheduled a doctor's appointment with Manpreet at the clinic, intending to renew her contraceptive pill prescription. However, when she requested a change in the delivery location of her medication, it raised eyebrows.

She wanted her medication to be sent to a town chemist for collection, rather than delivered to her home. Manpreet assured her that she didn't need to justify her request but offered her support if she wished to discuss it.

Manpreet also reminded her that any information shared during the appointment would remain confidential within the surgery. While Belle didn't divulge much, she clarified that she wanted all her medications, except for the pill, to be delivered to her home.

It seemed that Manpreet sensed Belle was keeping this from Tom, not wanting him to find out. Could Manpreet become aware of Belle being coerced by Tom, possibly his domineering behaviour?

Might Belle accept Manpreet's offer of a confidential conversation about her concerns, revealing Tom's manipulative and frightening actions? Or will Manpreet discreetly keep an eye on Belle?

On Twitter, viewers expressed their concerns as one person commented: "I was hoping that Manpreet would suspect something when Belle saw her. It looked as if she did. Belle actually looks quite scared! #Emmerdale" while another voiced: "Shouldn't that ring alarm bells for Manpreet? #Emmerdale."

Dingle family

In the Dingle household last week, Belle was fraught with worry over a potential pregnancy, caught on her computer researching the likelihood of conception whilst on contraceptive pills. Friday's episode saw a tense moment as Belle took a pregnancy test under the watchful eye of her domineering partner Tom.

The result was negative, much to Belle's relief, but it only served to disappoint Tom, who reacted by gaslighting her before storming out to meet his university friends. Following the confrontation, Belle confided in Mandy Dingle during a walk, sharing her apprehensions about Tom's desire for children and her own unreadiness.

Twitter has been abuzz with speculation, with fans now pinning their hopes on Mandy to take down Tom after Belle confided in her, particularly since Mandy nearly caught Tom in the act of verbally abusing Belle at a dinner party. Will Mandy be the one to witness Tom's abusive behaviour directly, or will Belle come clean about her situation?

Calls for action are clear on social media, with one user pleading: "#Emmerdale Please tell Mandy, Belle! ! ! ! ! ", another suggesting: "#Emmerdale if only U knew Mandy, if only Belle would be honest..." and yet another adding: "Surely Mandy can see and tell Belle's not happy."

Camera twist

Emmerdale fans will remember that Tom has installed security cameras around the house and has been using the puppy camera to keep an eye on Belle, a situation that escalates in the upcoming week. As Tom continues to use the cameras, there's a chance he might inadvertently capture his own abusive actions on video, potentially leading to his undoing.

Moreover, with scenes set to show Tom spying on Belle through the puppy camera as she interacts with Lydia and Mandy next week, could they catch on to the fact they're being recorded and confront him?

An Emmerdale viewer speculated on Twitter: "Vinny's spotted the camera, too bad he doesn't know Tom is watching. #Emmerdale? ".

You can catch Emmerdale on weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with a special hour-long episode every Thursday.

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