Jack Whitehall says his ‘nepo-dad’ has yet to offer him parenting advice

Jack Whitehall has said his father Michael Whitehall is a “nepo-dad”, but has yet to offer him any advice on parenting.

The comedian and actor, 34, said his father, 83, has “cut him loose” since they starred together in their hit Netflix comedy show and now appears on shows with his wife instead.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father sees the duo travel around the world together.

Ron’s Gone Wrong world premiere – BFI London Film Festival 2021
(left to right) Michael Whitehall, Jack Whitehall and Hilary Whitehall (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Speaking to The Times, Whitehall said: “It’s so annoying. I’ve got a nepo-dad.

“He very much took his opportunity and is thriving now. He’s cut me loose.”

“He’s off doing his podcast and appearing on shows with my mum, and they’re talking about going on tour themselves. Insane.”

A “nepo baby” has become a popular phrase to describe the children of celebrities who have succeeded in similar industries to their parents.

It comes after Whitehall announced on social media that he and girlfriend Roxy Horner are expecting their first child together.

Asked if his father had given him any advice, he told The Times: “No, he’s probably waiting to get offered some podcast or Netflix series, so he’s keeping his powder dry until someone writes him a cheque.”

Whitehall previously said he did not want to “turn into” his father when his child was born.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he said he may have to retire the Travels With My Father brand, but suggested his child could one day replace his father as an alternative “sidekick”.

Whitehall and Horner announced news of their child in May with Whitehall posting a photo of them together on Twitter with a scan of the baby and a caption that read: “Should probably finally learn to drive now.”

In his interview with The Times, he joked: “I thought I was going to be like Al Pacino and have a kid at 83.”