Jailed rapist claims it is ‘unfair’ that he can’t watch television in his prison cell

A rapist who is serving a seven-year sentence has complained that he is being treated “unfairly” because he can’t watch television in his cell.

John Painter, who was jailed in December 2014 for beating up and raping a woman in her own home, complained that life at HMP Stafford was “awful” and can only spend £4 a week on “treats”.

The 25-year-old was jailed for seven years and eight months after admitting raping and assaulting a good samaritan who let him sleep on a sofa at her home in Walsall when he claimed he had nowhere to live.

Now, two years into his sentence, Painter wrote in a letter from his cell that life on “basic” in prison meant missing out on treats.

In a letter to prisoner magazine Inside Time, he wrote: “I am currently serving an 8-year sentence here at Stafford and have served 27 months, most of it on the Basic regime.

“Whilst you are held on Basic you lose your television, your clothes, your right to associate with other prisoners, one hour of your 2-hour visiting rights, your right to your own private cash except for £4 weekly, and you can also lose your job depending on what job you were doing before being put on basic.

“And let us not forget that you can get put on basic without even an adjudication. You are also then labelled a nuisance and troublemaker by staff and treated accordingly.

Trial: Painter was sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court (Google)
Trial: Painter was sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court (Google)

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“Basic is nothing but extra punishment that can be given out without trial or evidence, sometimes without warning, just because staff don’t like the look of you or suspect you of not conforming to their ideal prisoner.”

Painter said that his loss of liberty “is the only punishment you should suffer for your crime”.

He added: “There are adjudications to deal with breaches of prison rules and regulations, mini-trials where evidence is heard and decided on.

“My question is – how can this be legal to give out 5 or 10 punishments in one package called Basic without a trial or real evidence being presented?

“Is this just another example of the unfair and corrupt system we have to live in? And if so, no wonder so many people choose crime if this is an example of the ‘fair and just’ way that the system treats us.”

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard in December 2014 how Painter, who has a history of violence against women, he attacked his victim when she rejected his advances – grabbing her hair and pushing her to the floor, where he kicked her in the head.

He also smashed her mobile phone and punched her in the face before raping her.

Judge John Warner jailed Painter for seven years and eight months after he admitted rape, assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He was also put on the sex offenders register for life.

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