Jake Paul fight: Logan Paul shares behind-the-scenes video after brother knocks out Tyron Woodley

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Logan Paul has supported his brother Jake Paul, who knocked out Tyron Woodley in a boxing match.

Logan was present at the YouTube star’s match against the former UFC champion, who went down in the sixth round on Saturday (18 December).

Jake, 24, had originally been scheduled to fight Tommy Fury – half-brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson – but the Briton withdrew from the bout due to a broken rib and chest infection.

During the match, Logan could be seen taking photos using a polaroid camera.

After Jake’s knockout of Woodley, 39, Logan tweeted: “Who the f*** is knocking people out flat like that repeatedly.”

Logan Paul shared a behind-the-scenes video from brother Jake Paul’s boxing match (Twitter)
Logan Paul shared a behind-the-scenes video from brother Jake Paul’s boxing match (Twitter)

He then shared a video of his brother quoting a viral TikTok video featuring an interview with a New Yorker taken from Instagram show Sidetalk. In the clip, the New Yorker, who says the phrase “Bing bong”, incorrectly calls President Joe Biden “Joe Byron”.

“What will you say to Joe Byron right now?” Logan asked his brother in the behind-the-scenes boxing video. Jake shouted in response: “BING BONG!”

Speaking after the fight, Jake said: “I got the highlight-reel knockout. I knew [Woodley] was gonna try to catch the right hand coming straight, so I had to loop it around like a hook.

He added: “I knew this punch was gonna land, so I put everything into it – everything. I might be a lumberjack, because he went timber. I flatlined him and proved I have one-punch power, people are gonna be scared.”

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